The Immortal

The Immortal









Many years ago, whilst I was in a band, I read a short story, by Martin Amis, called ‘The Immortal” (from a book called ‘Einstein’s Monsters’). It inspired the first lyric I ever wrote for the band (“The Immortals”) called, unimaginatively, ‘The Immortal’….

23 Years later, I have found myself returning to the subject again as I embark on a new musical venture in March, with a new lyric evolving from the same story. After much noodling and scribbling, this is my take on the same tale, from a different angle.



Losing track of time

feeling numb

my mind is racing

These machines make noise


can’t affect me

Here I stand

Superman Divine

shielded from the eyes

that hunt me down

I can hide

safe behind my blinds

knowing that they won’t

find me…

Books of endless words

litanies of

wasted thinking

sleep brings no reprieve

from the clanging chimes

of this machinery

Can you see

Superman Divine

dead behind the eyes

that see you now

I believe

at the end of times

in the end

that I will be here

Break bread with me

Drink the wine

Drink the wine

then turn your face

to the sun

one last time

Here I am

hiding from the crime

that haunts me

I must live alone

in a world

that must desert me…..

Ode to No-one

Don’t waste my time
With grace and favours
I know you well enough to know
Your different flavours

I’m not as foolish
As the fool I was before

Don’t mistake this look for anything

Kick it in the head
Kick it til it cries
Kick it one more time
And make sure that it dies

Kick it til it dies
Kick it in the head
Kick it one more time
And make sure that it’s dead

This life, these words
Those things, that time
Kick it in the head



The genius that is David Shrigley…


The Civil Wars

This is a fantastic song, from a fantastic duo, from a fantastic album.

Trust SlipperyMe – he knows these things.


I Love You

In the Wilderness,

Where I always seem to be,

I would rescue you

but tell me would you rescue me?

though we live apart,

I will try to make you see,

right here in your arms is right here

where I always want to be

If it ever changed,

though I hope it never would,

would it make you feel

the way I think you know I would?

All I’ve done before,

Is another part of me,

look me in the eyes and tell me…

do you love the man you see?

Someone talked to me,

and I asked if he could see,

were you waiting somewhere

in my future-history?

but I wouldn’t care,

if you said you don’t believe,

I believe enough for both of us

that you were there for me


3 Paintings

These 3 paintings provoke a reaction in me, for different reasons.

I think art is about the emotions it evokes in an individual, so I’m not here to wax lyrical about being moved, or challenged, or confused by what the artist was trying to say;

They are simply offered for your consideration, in the hope that they leave an impression on you, as they have on me.

Experiment On A Bird in an Air Pump

Experiment On A Bird in the Air Pump - Joseph Wright of Derby



The Raft of the Medusa - Theodore Gericault



The Death of Marat - Jacques-Louis David




Everybody’s Free…

…to wear Sunscreen

I’m not sure what this video speaks to, but it is undeniably feelgood, and shows the genius that is Baz Luhrmann

If I could offer you only one tip for the future…

Strange Skies

  Rainbow Clouds


The frost;

A feast of diamonds sparkle in the fields

And low,

behind the hedgerows

and the trees

Warm fingers wake the earth

And creep across the distance in between



The mist;

A restless curtain rising for the sun

Cut loose

Set free

From sleeping and the rules of gravity

And heaven-bound, travels

Until it simply disappears



The light;

A comfort from the shadows and the dark

The hand

Which guides the day

Until it tempts the moon from hiding

And they briefly dance

In Strange Skies


The Feeling of Sometimes

There are many things which life doesn’t prepare us for – age doesn’t always bring experience – sometimes leaps of faith are the only way to really move forward in your life, particularly if something from your past hides in the shadows of your present, never really seen, but glimpsed from the corner of
your mind’s eye, informing decisions and choices you make, without you really being aware of their presence; Gremlins which gnaw at your confidence; Demons that tarnish beauty with their doubtful breath; The human condition of self-doubt which can spoil the fruit before it is even really ripe…

Sunday was my day for this – a world watching itself, lost in conflicting signals, all brought on by thoughts, in moments of solitude, after a day of rapture which only comes along to shake your hand maybe even once in a lifetime if you are lucky…

Almost 24 hours of living in a moment, something which was life-affirming, and makes you realise that life CAN be everything you dreamed of, before reality bit you on the arse!

Don’t let doubt weave its nefarious spell – take the moment, run with it, share that joy, and give some of the love that spills over to someone who needs it.

This is the day!!!



Rest my love and still your soul

the dark is but a nightmare fleeting

I will soothe your racing heart

you will not be alone

Press your skin against my skin

and let me feel your sweet heart beating

I will slay the demons

when they will not let you go


Short the time and few the words

that I can conjure from the darkness

let me be your blanket

if the fear within you grows

sweet the dawn that comes to you

and lights your features slowly waking

Grace the dawn that comes to me

and lets me see your Glow